Stagecoach bus service short of drivers

February 18, 2007

According the the media this morning, Feb 19th, Stagecoach, Wellington’s bus service claims that it is having to put on taxis to replace its buses on some Wellington routes because of lack of drivers. Well how do they explain why I followed 6 (yes that is six) Stagecoach buses out of Karori this morning at 8.30am. I had the misfortune of having to drop a package there earlier and followed, not one, not two but 6 Stagecoach buses which were travelling under 20 km/h all the way out of Karori. Hey Stagecoach – why not take 5 of these drivers and put them on other routes! Can’t the damn media check their facts before reporting crap!

A stagecoach bus.


Three Naenae children stabbed

February 18, 2007

Here’s another story. A man was arrested in Naenae early yesterday after a call was placed to Police from a distressed woman claiming a man was in her house threatening her 3 preschool children. When Police arrived the 3 were found with knife wounds. The offender will appear in Lower District Court this morning, Feb 19th.

This is just disgusting. Who the hell would stab 3 young children. This arsehole needs to be strung up by his balls and publicly stoned by the community. I hope the Police gave him a jolly good beating.

What’s the bet the low-life will be out on bail, probably try and shot a Policeman then get shot in a Police cordon before finally being put in jail, only to escape, be recaptured, be released, kill more people and then finally get put away for a pathetic life sentence of 10 years. Come on people – the American’s have some things right – life means the whole life – not only 6-10 years.

Update: It appears the suspect was tasered by the Police so he got his just desserts but unfortunatelty survived.