Dogs and Centre Lines

February 20, 2007

While I am ranting I want to discuss two of my pet hates. No pun intended. Firstly, there are always headlines about dogs mauling children. Now this is a bad thing but there are always 3 elements to this problem. The dog is always a fighting dog, owned by some redneck local who has trained it to fight anything as big as it. Next there is the child. Usually the child is completely stupid and goes up to fighting dogs with the intention of giving them a big hug. Duuuur! Then, the biggest problem of the three, the child’s mother. Now she is off having a snog behind a bush not watching her child, or she is flaked out on the grass pissed or stoned out of her brain. Or she is off having a gossip about how many shags she has had leaving her children home alone last week. So the mother is distracted (mainly because of her genes), the child follows the mother’s example (and hugs fighting dogs) and the dog’s owner who should never have let the dog out of its metal crate that morning meet together in the park. The poor dog tries to eat the first thing that resembles food; the child and it gets blamed for it. I say if a dog attacks a child, put the owner down first, then the dog and if the mother wasn’t watching the child – jail her for negligence. The child would be better off without it. (Hey – I would look what is in or on a park before I would take my children, if I had any, onto the grounds. It’s not rocket science).

Now that said, let’s talk about cars and centre lines The media is full of stories about how cars cross the centre lines on highways and kill their drivers. Let’s get this straight for once. The car didn’t cross the centre line by itself. The idiot driving it was responsible for it crossing the centre line. The driver was either too old to drive and still had a driver’s licence. I can point out lots of these people. Or the driver wasn’t taking his/her medication and passed out at the wheel. Or the driver was talking too much, speeding, trying to impress his/her mates, racing the car, did I say drinking, smoking dope, travelling too fast, or some other stupid action and this caused the driver to steer the car across the centre line which caused an accident. So let’s stop blaming the cars “media”. It is the morons behind the steering wheels. And why should my tax dollars be spent putting million dollar barriers down the centre of highways when the easy answer is to stop the morons driving their cars BEFORE they drive across the centre line.