The R Word

Now let’s discuss the sensitive subject of rape. Last year and this year 3 policeman in Rotorua, I think, were accused of raping a policewoman and another woman. However the alledged offenced apparently occured upwards of 20 years ago. Now I have witnessed some quite serious criminal behaviour in New Zealand and overseas and I have seen its effects on people. People always reacted instantly and it wasn’t difficult to see the effects of the crime on them. I even knew a girl who’s apartment block was broken into and she awoke to find the offender on her bed. Fortunately she attacked him before he attacked her and he came off worse. However my point is that if these 3 men did commit these crimes why did it take 20 years for complaints to be made. And – this is the interesting part – the complainants waited until all three men were in public positions before they said anything. I thought in most countries there was a requirement to report a crime within 5-7 years! If the women were really vicitims then OK, maybe they had their reasons. It sounds to be like Monica and Bill Clinton thing all over again.


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