Failed police recruits put on the beat

Here’s another story – apparently new recruits are being allowed out of Police College before they have passed all their exams. I think it’s a good thing. We have politicans who have no qualifications at all and are running the country (no wonder it’s in this state you say), city councillors who do nothing but bicker and try and get re-elected rather than actually doing good things for the city, road workers who stand around all day leaning on their shovels and get paid a lot more money than me and people in the IT industry getting over $100K for doing stuff all. Bring back pay parity I say. The Police have a terrible job dealing with the scum (and I don’t just mean criminals) and so what if they don’t pass their driving exams. No really! I know lots of people who didn’t pass exams and they are working. What’s the difference. Stop picking on the police!


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