Three Naenae children stabbed

Here’s another story. A man was arrested in Naenae early yesterday after a call was placed to Police from a distressed woman claiming a man was in her house threatening her 3 preschool children. When Police arrived the 3 were found with knife wounds. The offender will appear in Lower District Court this morning, Feb 19th.

This is just disgusting. Who the hell would stab 3 young children. This arsehole needs to be strung up by his balls and publicly stoned by the community. I hope the Police gave him a jolly good beating.

What’s the bet the low-life will be out on bail, probably try and shot a Policeman then get shot in a Police cordon before finally being put in jail, only to escape, be recaptured, be released, kill more people and then finally get put away for a pathetic life sentence of 10 years. Come on people – the American’s have some things right – life means the whole life – not only 6-10 years.

Update: It appears the suspect was tasered by the Police so he got his just desserts but unfortunatelty survived.

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