Failed police recruits put on the beat

February 21, 2007

Here’s another story – apparently new recruits are being allowed out of Police College before they have passed all their exams. I think it’s a good thing. We have politicans who have no qualifications at all and are running the country (no wonder it’s in this state you say), city councillors who do nothing but bicker and try and get re-elected rather than actually doing good things for the city, road workers who stand around all day leaning on their shovels and get paid a lot more money than me and people in the IT industry getting over $100K for doing stuff all. Bring back pay parity I say. The Police have a terrible job dealing with the scum (and I don’t just mean criminals) and so what if they don’t pass their driving exams. No really! I know lots of people who didn’t pass exams and they are working. What’s the difference. Stop picking on the police!


The R Word

February 21, 2007

Now let’s discuss the sensitive subject of rape. Last year and this year 3 policeman in Rotorua, I think, were accused of raping a policewoman and another woman. However the alledged offenced apparently occured upwards of 20 years ago. Now I have witnessed some quite serious criminal behaviour in New Zealand and overseas and I have seen its effects on people. People always reacted instantly and it wasn’t difficult to see the effects of the crime on them. I even knew a girl who’s apartment block was broken into and she awoke to find the offender on her bed. Fortunately she attacked him before he attacked her and he came off worse. However my point is that if these 3 men did commit these crimes why did it take 20 years for complaints to be made. And – this is the interesting part – the complainants waited until all three men were in public positions before they said anything. I thought in most countries there was a requirement to report a crime within 5-7 years! If the women were really vicitims then OK, maybe they had their reasons. It sounds to be like Monica and Bill Clinton thing all over again.

Teens and Cars

February 20, 2007

Another story is in the media today is about a group of teenagers outside Whakatane who were being stupid. A 13-year old girl was sitting on the boot of the car (persumably on the outside) fell off as the car travelled down the road, hit her dead and died. This is terrible because how many people don’t know that hitting your head on concrete hurts let alone after falling from a moving car. Just read the newspaper every day and someone has found out that heads and concrete don’t go well together.

I imagine the peer pressure amongst the group must have been quite high for anyone to be stupid enough to do this and I hope the other kids involved don’t get off with a warning. They are all should be held responsible. Come on parents – where were you when this was happening? You guys should be locked up too. Put everyone in jail – that’s what I say!

Dogs and Centre Lines

February 20, 2007

While I am ranting I want to discuss two of my pet hates. No pun intended. Firstly, there are always headlines about dogs mauling children. Now this is a bad thing but there are always 3 elements to this problem. The dog is always a fighting dog, owned by some redneck local who has trained it to fight anything as big as it. Next there is the child. Usually the child is completely stupid and goes up to fighting dogs with the intention of giving them a big hug. Duuuur! Then, the biggest problem of the three, the child’s mother. Now she is off having a snog behind a bush not watching her child, or she is flaked out on the grass pissed or stoned out of her brain. Or she is off having a gossip about how many shags she has had leaving her children home alone last week. So the mother is distracted (mainly because of her genes), the child follows the mother’s example (and hugs fighting dogs) and the dog’s owner who should never have let the dog out of its metal crate that morning meet together in the park. The poor dog tries to eat the first thing that resembles food; the child and it gets blamed for it. I say if a dog attacks a child, put the owner down first, then the dog and if the mother wasn’t watching the child – jail her for negligence. The child would be better off without it. (Hey – I would look what is in or on a park before I would take my children, if I had any, onto the grounds. It’s not rocket science).

Now that said, let’s talk about cars and centre lines The media is full of stories about how cars cross the centre lines on highways and kill their drivers. Let’s get this straight for once. The car didn’t cross the centre line by itself. The idiot driving it was responsible for it crossing the centre line. The driver was either too old to drive and still had a driver’s licence. I can point out lots of these people. Or the driver wasn’t taking his/her medication and passed out at the wheel. Or the driver was talking too much, speeding, trying to impress his/her mates, racing the car, did I say drinking, smoking dope, travelling too fast, or some other stupid action and this caused the driver to steer the car across the centre line which caused an accident. So let’s stop blaming the cars “media”. It is the morons behind the steering wheels. And why should my tax dollars be spent putting million dollar barriers down the centre of highways when the easy answer is to stop the morons driving their cars BEFORE they drive across the centre line.

Taggers are stupid!

February 20, 2007

I was walking back from a customer’s premises and I passed this carpark wall and clicked a photo of some graffiti. Now, here we have a large carpark, well lit, with a huge security camera looking down onto it. The camera was moving and a quick phone call to the company whose building it was attached to, confirmed it was real. Some moron walks past this carpark, probably at night, sees a nice wall with no tagging on it, thinks “hey I can tag here” and goes ahead and does it. And the camera films him doing it. Now is it just me or do you have to be pretty damn stupid to be caught on film like this. The Police say these tags are like signatures and taggers are dogs who have to mark their territory. I wish the scumbag resposible a happy court appearance and when next you cross the road, don’t wait for the traffic to pass.


Beauties and the Beasts

February 20, 2007


Here we have a beautifil day at Oriental Bay. The temperature is into the 20’s. On the beach is strew an incredible collection of young women most laying in skimmy bikinis sun baking. On the footpath are a row of seats usually occupied by men young and old.

Here’s my suggestion as to rules for the beach.

1. Wear dark glasses so no one can see who you are staring at.
2. Pretend to talk on your cellphone and smile alot so people don’t think you are mentally undressing the woman lying directly below you.
3. Remove you work clothing and put on shorts and a short sleeved shirt and the sunnies in case you look like you are in your lunch break.
4. Don’t sit with your hands between your legs because it’s too obvious what you are trying to supress.
5. Wipe tears from your eyes subtly because you know you will never ‘tap’ the type of woman lying on the beach again, at your age.

1. Wear the skimmest bikini you can find and as you lie there continually smooth it down, tug in the edges revealing as much skin as you can, never mind the damage the sun is doing to your skin.
2. Occasionally pull your cellphone from your bag, check it and throw it back in, just in case someone is watching. You know if you adjust the text notification volume the phone will let you know when you have a message.
3. Stop looking at other women on the beach wishing you had their features. You drop-dead gorgous now.
4. When you sit or stand up don’t suddenly hold a shirt over your bare stomach because everyone has already seen a good deal of your body lying down and it’s too late to be shy now.
5. If you go swimming remember that those expensive white bikinis usually become see-through when they get wet so you will return to your spot on the beach showing off moe than you thought.

and pleaseeeeeee

6. Go up to the men on the seawall and throw yourself at them so they can worship you as they think fit.

Wellington Inner City Bypass

February 19, 2007

Had I had this blog setup a few months ago I could have complained about how much crap the wellington inner city bypass is. The Dominion Post reported some weeks ago that from a survey of residents the results have been that this 40 million dollar bypass saves between 1 to 2 minutes off people’ s journeys. What a saving! And as many people will be aware coming from the west side of wellington its now impossible to get across the city the other way without going miles out of your way. Who were the people who cooked up this plan. For those who haven’t seen this complete waste of money here is a photo I found on the net.


Hey let’s save another minute and put in green bus lanes. Oh hang on – we already did that and no one saved any time!